April 13, 2010

phase two is complete!

For the next phase in my make-over room, i decided on my own little twist of the chalkboard.

I came up with the idea when I was trying to decide on what type of artwork I would hang up in their room. I didn't want to spend money and commit to a design that we would all grow out of. SOOO why not have the artwork grow WITH the kids.. and have them make their own??

I don't have my step by step pictures to show, mainly because it was super easy and super quick.

So here's what i did:
1. Measured out chalkboard wall
2. Applied background paint {left-over from downstairs guest bedroom} p.s. always go lighter to darker with colors.... it's SOO much easier to cover a yellow than black..
3. Painted Chalkboard square
4. Cut frame from molding {thanks kurty}
5. Attach frame to wall {nail gun and some putty stuff...thanks kurty, again +}
6. Paint frame..{left-over from phase one}
7. Add a few touches here and there and....



Anonymous said...

So cute and creative!!

Anonymous said...

It looks good enough for a kitchen or laundry room application! I love it. Super good job, Shash.

JennaK said...

Very clever.

Jen R. said...

you're my idol right now. I'm probably going to copy you in 20 years when we have our first house! and my kids are too old to enjoy it anyways :) grandkids!