June 28, 2010

In-N-Out Picnic

Well, it was another fun year at the In-N-Out family picnic. This year it was at the Seven Peaks Waterpark {now that we are in Utah}; even though there wasn't any endless INO food, it was still pretty great.
We Lazy River-ed, rode the 'waves', went on some fun tube slides {with babies}, ate lots of ice cream, and got some nice tans.

In the picture Reese was being grumpy, so we unfortunately missed her cute little face.

{we pretty much have the whole blonde to black hair color going on.. I was really surprised to see how naturally dark my hair was. Bobo is so cute...what a chub chub!}


JennaK said...

I am afraid to go--we haven't taken all four kids with us EVER. The last two years we left the younger two with friends.

But glad you had fun. I just hope the water isn't too cold for us Arizona people.

Alex Griffiths said...

The water was perfect! super warm! There's also a 3 person inner-tube, so you can stick all the big kids on it!

Anonymous said...

Was there a cutest chub-chub contest?? Bobo would win hands-down!

Megan said...

Alex. I'm so happy to find out you're a blogger! me too! not too many of us in the ward. your blog rocks and your photos are a.mazing. sheesh. We are really going to have to get to know each other better!!!