December 1, 2010

annual gingerbread house sister's night.

I'm not gonna lie. I've been looking forward to this night since last year. It was so much fun, and a great new experience....

SO this year I decided to do some more research online for some great ideas. I found this fabulous idea for using Necco Wafers for roof tiles. The pictures I had seen used the colorful original Necco's. So to add my twist to it, I decided to use the Chocolate Necco Wafers for a more {rustic} look. Needless to say.. that's as far as my planning went. And I spent most of the rest of the time just trying to figure out what to do with everything else. So here it is {and YES .. right when I was getting my camera, a certain Bobo ran downstairs, climbed the chair, and took my door.}

{p.s. Next year's is gonna be AWESOME}

wall from coconut shavings.

walls from crushed ribbon candy.

i believe that having one of these christmas trees by your house is a Nana Griffiths tradition... I love it! {thanks teri for icing it up!}

last years :) {with missing candy... that must be a tradition in our house. Eat something off the house before mommy can take a picture.}

And I just wanted to say Thank You to my {utah} Griffiths family for including me in all your sister nights. I really do enjoy coming and spending time with all of you! Merry Christmas! {See you at the party!!} 

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Meagan said...

I love it, I think this is my favorite sister's night too.