May 13, 2011

the easter

sorry for the complete lack of pictures. I didn't have my camera for the majority of my time visiting family. Then I just plain-ol' didn't want to lug it around.

So you'll have to use your imagination. (I'll help you along...)

We were fortunate enough to go back down to California for a little easter vacation.


My wonderful grandma, who I hardly get to see, was visiting. She always has such great stories about my dad. And she's always up for anything. She even watched Friday Smackdown with everyone (a new tradition I was hazed into myself on this visit) Apparently some surfer dude was retiring and a Ricardo Montalban wanna-be wants his title... so pretty much this:


Then Grandma Jacquey left and my parent's house went from this:

*not actually my parent's house. BONUS points for naming it in your comment

To this:

 That's right! COUSIN INVASION (say it like the skit "PIGS IN SPACE" do you remember??!!)
And with my dad heading up the activities for the young lads, it was inevitable that it would be a tad Lord of the Flies by weeks end. Yes, archery, camping, smores, coyotes, raft building, pellet gun shooting.... oh boy.

I had all my cousins on my moms side together for Easter. I'm not sure if that has ever happened before. It was fun and crazy. I do have some pictures of that crazy fiasco that can be found on my facebook profile (under album Camera +). Reese found a new best friend her (2nd) cousin Lilly. Man ALIVE those two were just  peas in a pod.. if peas meant stinkers and pod meant Grammies house. 

Poor Everett had no one to really play with his age. So he just decided to SCREAM for everyone's attention. ALL DAY LONG. oh brother! I'm pretty sure I have permanent hearing loss. 
weirdly, while searching for hearing aids, Twilight star
 Robert Pattison kept coming up.
 I guess he's going DEAF! Wo is me!!

OH and I have to say that one of the biggest highlights was my Aunt and Uncle cooking for us. (Yes they are trained chefs. My uncle worked with Wolfgang Puck!!) ANYWAY, Oh My GOSH.. my mouth is watering just remembering their dinners. One night was shrimp, lamb chops, and steak, with fingerling potatoes, herb sauce, pepper sauce, toast with goat cheese and honey..... oooh soossoooo goood. 

This is them. No seriously, this IS them. 

Then another night Tracy (my aunt) made some delicious salads inspired by something she saw in Martha's Living magazine. Man ALIVE soo good. again. yummmmmm. oh and tender chicken breasts we were eating days afterwards. soo good. ( i keep saying that, but it really is). 
Apparently they are opening up a restaurant in San Francisco later on this year. I can't wait to visit and try it out. YUM YUM. I forget what they are calling it. Something to do with a Rooster. 

The trip goes on. Kurt was fortunate enough to get 5 days off over EASTER!!! WooHOO!! So he flew down and we had a little fun family time together. After the craziness over at my parents house, we went to the peaceful, relaxing Griffiths house. hmmm.. JAAACCUUUUUUUZZZZIIIII

(there is a hilarious clip from Muppets From Space where Pepe and Rizzo brainwash Gonzo into building a jacuzzi, but I just couldn't find it. boo)

It was so nice to spend one on one time with them. We had so much fun!! Every time Reese hears, "Take me out to the Ballgame"(it's on a kid's cd we have) She screams " I SANG THIS WITH NANA AND PAPA AND THE BALL GAME!!!" Then she want's to hear it 10 more times. 
(NOW I can't find the old pictures from Reese's first padres game!! AAAHH)
So I'll grace you with the picture of the comedian that threw the first pitch. I can't remember his name, but the whole time he was out there, I could only picture this:
He's the guy in the green.
From Reno 911. I haven't really watched any episodes, but the ones I have, this guy was always skating around in it.

Anyway, it's getting late, and I hear Reese throwing up again. (poor baby). But there were lots and lots more fun things we did that I didn't blog about... (mainly due to diminishing wit with the late hour, and lack of pictures..)
OH wait. I do have to mention this ONE thing. 

Reese's Nana (Cindy) made this dress she calls her Nana Dress. It looked like a Old Timey french lace dress, high collar, peach coloring, and VERY TWIRLY. SO incredibly beautiful. It looked tremendously time consuming. I was freaking out all Easter Sunday that she would accidentally rip it, but she didn't. It was also nice, because the week before Reese's cousin Adelyn got to wear it. So Nana was happy that her little grand-girls (the ones who can fit into the dress currently) got to wear it. . Once again, I have pictures on facebook, and on Cindy's camera... 
i figured out how to get it from my iPod to this computer. not great quality, but you can get a picture...

But I PROMISE some time soon I will have an ONLY PICTURES post. Where you can bask in the beauty which is photography. 

But for now, I leave you with my wonderful video, that makes me so happy. ... It's sunshine. from a few days ago. in Utah. YES. Utah. I think spring is here. 

my spidey sense is tingling...

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It is the Palace of Versailles in is HUGE, but don't go in the summer because it is packed so full of people that it is hard to enjoy.