May 30, 2011

Everett's Birthday Campout

For Everett's birthday we decided to go on a little camping trip. Kurt has a few days off, and when we reserved our campsite, the weather was supposed to be in the 70's.
Well, it wasn't.
It was a little chilly, very rainy, and after the first night we decided to head back early.
Despite the weather bust, we all had a really great time. It was so nice to get out in nature and relax. Reese and Everett love the outdoors and camping. We found this great little place just a few miles in American Fork Canyon called "Little Mill". We will definitely be going back there when the weather is warmer.
Everett had a great little birthday. He had cake, made a mess, ran around, played with presents. He was one happy camper! (pardon the pun).

Enough TALK! Here are the pix from his weekend:

our campsite

keeping the cake, presents, and wood dry

roastin' my toes

hanging out

ready to fish

still ready...

classic bobo face


Happy Birthday to Bobooooo... 

i like this picture

testing the cake

nom nom nom

his presents


huggies! (the only way we could get him to continue walking...)

looking at the river

convincing him to walk.... (HUGS!!)

they pooped out

where's Everett??

walky walky

what's that??

by 6pm we were rained out (or IN, rather)

pretending to be sleepy

entertaining ourselves

the rain :( 
Funny story:
 The next morning when we woke up Reese announced to us that she had a song to sing to us.

Mommy, can I sing you my song?
Of course.

"No fishing in the fiiirrre,
No fishing in the fiiirrre, 
No poking everybooooody,
No being naughtyyy.
No fishing in the fire,
NO fishing in the fire...."

Wow, that's such a pretty song!

I'm not done with my song

OK, keep going

"No fishing in the fiiireeeeeee
no fishing in the fire........"

(this continued on for several minutes.)

can anyone guess what the kids were trying to do the whole time we were there? 


Anonymous said...

I think that the "classic" Bobo face picture is going to be my new mac is SO funny!!
The pics look great. Looks like everyone enjoyed the time you had up there.

jacquey said...

I think just maybe they were trying to fish in the fire. A question:Did you all really sleep outside IN THE DARK?

Jess said...

Looks like fun! My favorite part was Reese's "no fishing in the fire" song!

Jana said...

Cute! Bummer that you got rained out though :(.

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