May 10, 2011

the update

I have been so horrible in catching everyone up with what has been going on with us.

Like I was telling my in-laws when we were down, our life is not that exciting.

I don't want to constantly blog with updates with my children, or what I made for dinner (although I made some homemade whole wheat waffles, honey, and strawberries the other day for breakfast... oh and then I made from-scratch giant turkey meatballs (haha, i giggled when i read that over) with fettuccine nests and creamy beef sauce...both DELICIOUS and my kids LOVED them)

We just aren't that exciting. Entertaining, maybe, but exciting no.

SO to completely contradict myself here's what us animals are up to:


Once again he is being transferred to a different store. He assures me that this is a good move. I assure him that it will be like I'm a single mom. But we don't have much of a choice. 
He's being moved to West Valley City, about the same drive as West Jordan, only he doesn't have to drive on the devil's road called Bangerter. 
Other than that he's continuing to do a really fantastic job of fixing our house up. I never knew when I married him that he was such a handy man. (although I still am in charge of the sprinklers- thanks dad)


Oh dear. Reese Reese. Well, she's in sunbeams now. She loves to sing each and every song she has ever learned and she DOES NOT STOP TALKING ALL DAY LONG. Seriously, I am not exaggerating. She talks NON STOP. And when she gets bored with just mundanely talking nonsense, she prefers to sing her speak- just ask my brother Orion. 
She is starting her first little ballet class at her new preschool in the summer. She will then start preschool in the fall. I was a little apprehensive about spending a little extra money on a preschool, but I think this will be really great for her. Since we are probably going to go with public school for elementary grades, This school will give her a little boost. It's called Avondale if you want to check it out :) 
She is really growing up quickly, She also reminds us randomly through out the day:
"oh my goodness, what's going on? are you OK?"
"what? you're throwing up?"
"Oh, OK, yes, yes you are"
She also is so stinking smart! She picks up on things that are so beyond her understanding (so I thought) but then she puts two and two together and brings it to my attention. She is also a great counter. She loves to count. When someone leaves, she says that we are missing one person, (and so forth with two or  more) and then she tells us how many are left, etc. Her record is counting to 20 by herself, but with help she can go on FOREVER (see former comment on talking forever). 
I love her so much. Definitely never a dull moment, or boring conversation, with this one. 
(although she does get really shy sometimes....)


Well, this lad talks quite a bit too. The only problem is that none of us can understand it. He says three words: GO , CAR, and BUG (he said that today). Well, he does ask "what's this or what's that" but when we answer him he just giggles and runs away. 
His best friends are Buzz and Lightning McQueen. All day long he'll hold one of those two (or the next best thing) in his hand and walk around all day with it. Even when he goes to sleep at night, they will be in his hands. 
He also gets into everything. Just as I'm writing this he has managed to climb in the downstairs bathroom, extract my mascara from the highest shelf and decided to paint my door with it. Oh, and his lips... fantastic
He has wonderfully thick long hair (not girl long, but surfer long) We've cut and buzzed his hair twice now, and it just grows so quickly and so thick!! I'm jealous!! 
He is my sweetheart. He loves everyone and gives kisses and hugs. When Kurt comes home, he ALWAYS runs to where he's at and gives him a big bear hug hello. Kurt LOVES IT. He's turning two at the end of this month, which I can't believe. My babies are growing too quickly!

Alex (Me)

Well, the glamorous life of a SAHM is just that, GLAMOROUS. You can tell by my couture garb, ripped and stained my my children- definitely one of a kind. The dark circles plus the forgotten mascara really makes my eyes pop. Gourmet dinners of leftovers. Parties with my children that last ALL NIGHT and start again in the EARLY MORNING.  I feel like a movie star! 
Alright, all kidding aside, my children definitely keep me busy. I have spurts of Super Mom where I conquer the laundry, dishes, and have a home cooked meal every night. And luckily for me, those spurts are becoming closer and closer together. I have been trying to get this household in order, but things naturally, and constantly just fall apart. My toddlers have the energy 100X's that of the Energizer Bunny on crack. Seriously. Come and go grocery shopping with me. Talk about Mission Impossible! 
(can you tell i'm hanging by a thread?!!! hahaha!!!*spasm*twitch*)
Speaking of being Super Mom, I catch myself screaming this at least 2x's a week (from The Incredibles):
"I feel like the maid, I just cleaned up this mess

But somehow we are all still alive and doing well (minus the flu that's in our house right now) 
Overall, if you know me well enough, you know I wouldn't put up with all these shenanigans. I am incredibly unforgiving (a sad truth I have come to face) and have little patience for incompetency (I won't apologize for this one). 
However, I am still here. Because my overwhelming love for these animals gives me patience and understanding. I love my family more than anything in the whole entire world.  My children completely take my breath away. I never knew I could become attached and love anything so deeply. 

Thank you to all who read this and still love me. 

I have one final question for you:
Almost every mother I have encountered has said that being a mother (having children) is incredibly rewarding and everyone should be a mom.

What do you think is rewarding about being a parent? Does it come when your kids are older, or just babies? 
What is rewarding about being a mother of toddlers then?  
Your thoughts? 
(no really, I want your thoughts)


Anonymous said...

1) Getting Ella taught me how much Heavenly Father, and my parents love me.
2) Getting to see Rachelle give us her daughter taught me more about the atonement than anything or person has ever taught me in my entire life.
3) Her little smile and laugh make me feel better no matter what has happened that day.
4) When I hold her I can feel love coming out of her like a warm tingling feeling straight to my heart.
5) When I hear Shelley say her name it sounds like the most beautiful thing I ever heard.
6) Getting to be with Shelley and Ella make me want to be a better man.
There's more but I got to go. Hope that helps. Love Brandon

Alex Griffiths said...

Brandon. That was beautiful. Thank you.

Missy said...

I think Brando hit it on the head. It's in the little things that I find my reward. Cole's bear hug, Annie's sloppy kisses, Shelby's silly songs I hear coming from the bathroom, the spirit I feel as Ruby says her goodnight prayer. It's in those little moments that I know that there is no place on this earth that I would rather be. Sometimes things are messy, most of the time things are hard, but every so often when I'm really still, they are breathtaking.