June 25, 2011

72 {hours}

The past 72 hours have been so incredibly crazy, not to mention {HOT}, and packed full of fun.

Here's the rundown of my CRAZYness {a little insight to my days...}


told you it was packed! ok, ok, so this isn't seven peaks... but it felt like this...
  • {4:30am} Everett woke up frustrated because he pooped in the middle of the night and it was NOT comfortable
  • Sun was getting up, decided to go for a walk/run and deliver some things to people's houses {I taped it to their door...don't worry I'm not ringing door bells at 5 in the morning!}
  • Shower
  • Got kids dressed, went to Walmart, bought essentials
  • Went to the Temple for Activity Day
  • Made Lunch
  • Went visiting teaching
  • Drove to Provo to go swimming {and attempt to meet my sis... Kari} 
  • No luck, it was packed, but swam anyway
  • Drove home, took showers, got dressed
  • Drove to Orem for a baseball game
  • El Pollo Loco drive thru
  • slept

Friday {aka my birthday}:
yes, I am 26. 

  • woke up early {DANG THIS SUMMER SUN!!}
  • Did nothing
  • Did nothing {cleaned}
  • Tried to avoid doing anything {did dishes}
  • Got tired of doing nothing, decided to pick up my birthday dinner
  • Cooked dinner
  • Jumped on trampoline
  • Went out for Ice Cream
  • Got serenaded at 10:30pm by my in-laws {The only people to actually sing happy birthday to me... }


huge blue cotton candy. almost as big as tall as Everett...

  • Woke up early
  • Woke up Kurt
  • Told him we were going to Seven Peaks for the Pass Holders early entry
  • Drove to Provo
  • swam
  • swam
  • JDawgs traditional visit
  • Drove to our Lehi Roundup Park carnival thing
  • Decorated sunglasses
  • Made pinwheels
  • Got a GIGANTIC cotton candy
  • Kids rode swings
  • Reese got a purple feather extension in her hair {SHE LOVES IT}
  • Drove Home
  • Returned movies
  • Got food for Reese
  • Passed out {literally} in our basement
  • Made Dinner
  • Jumped on trampoline
  • Gave babies a bath
  • Put Brother Bear on...

....and now we have caught up to the present

I plan on taking a shower, watching my redbox movie, and FALLING ASLEEP. phew


Anonymous said...

phew, i'm pooped reading this.!
(hey- I sang to you !!)

Jana said...

I'm a total slacker, happy late birthday! Sounds like you kiddos are little water babies - I looove how swimming tires my boys out! :)