June 6, 2011

Dinner Theater


Growing up I was exposed to many interesting foods from all over the world.

 I mean for goodness sake I witnessed my family eat lamb brains for dinner in New Zealand.

this is what i remember it looking like.. only there were multiple brains, and some croutons: the only part I accepted to taste.

I have eaten the obvious: Italian, Mexican, American, Chinese. And the not so obvious (about half I've had in their native country): Greek, French, British, Australian, Hawaiian, Maori, Japanese, German, Morrocan, Armenian, Game, Indian, (not sure where fish fits in, but I have had lots and lots of every fish imaginable).

Growing up  (as far as I have been told and witnessed) Kurt was in a 'meat and potatoes' family (with a side of regrettable liver and onions) and maybe a once and a while have something out of the ordinary. 

I don't really remember having too much meat and potatoes....

So you can imagine what happened when we got married.

Since I have actually had 'meat and potatoes', I decided to broaden my husband's palate.

He now loves almost all the foods I do. I am so happy that he was so willing to experience new foods and LIKE them. 

well, most of them......

Vaudeville Part 1:
Two nights ago.
{I swear that sometimes I'm living in a Laurel & Hardy/3 Stooges/Abbott & Costello/Marx Brothers movie.} 

Me: "Do you like onions?"

Kurt: "You can make whatever you like."

Me: "I'm not asking permission to make something. I was wondering if you like onions. Have you ever had French Onion Soup?"

Kurt:"No, I've never had it."


Kurt:"YES, I like onions. But I like creamy soup"

Me:"Well, French Onion is not creamy. It's brothy. Should I not make it?"

Kurt:"Shashy, I'll eat whatever you make."

Me:"But, I would like to make something you'll like and eat."

Kurt:" Just make your SOUP!"


Brought to you by the HILARIOUS Marx Brothers. They are by far my favorite comedians. This is from their movie A Night At The Opera. They are quick, witty, and hysterical. My IDOLS. 

Vaudeville Part 2:
last night

Me:"Dinner's READY!"

Me:"Do you like it?"

Kurt:"It's not disgusting"

Me:"Ok, but do you like it?"

Kurt:"I don't like it, but I'm not dying. I don't like watery soup."

Me:"There's no water in this soup."

Kurt:"I was imagining that it was some creamy onion soup with onion rings and lots of cheese."

Me:"I told you last night that it wasn't a creamy soup!! You don't have to eat it if you don't like it. It's OK."

Kurt:"If I don't eat it then I'll starve and I will DIE."

Me:"Alright. You still don't have to eat it if you don't want to." 

Kurt:"What would you call that soup that's creamy and has lots of cheese and onion rings on top?"

Me:"Fat Man's Soup"

Kurt:"Well, I want Fat Man's Soup"

Doesn't this just drive you crazy??!!!

Well, Kurt ended up eating the whole bowl. Reese and Everett both liked it. And I think it turned out pretty good. Reese kept trying to convince Kurt that it was 'NUMMY'. 

During dinner, Kurt started staring at me for no apparent reason. I asked him why he was staring and to stop because it was creeping me out. He then started to laugh noted that he had so much control, just by staring.

Coming from a man who would starve and DIE if I didn't cook him dinner.....
i saw this cartoon this morning.. it made me laugh.



Anonymous said...

Marx Brothers over Stooges! You are our smartest child.

Ashley Griffiths said...

meat and potatoes! when Chad and I 1st started dating that's all he wanted to eat, me being mostly vegetarian, yeah we ran into some issues, lol.

but he LOVES french onion soup! it doesn't like his tummy though. (hopefully Kurt's not as sensitive)