July 5, 2011

land of the free...

... home of the {sparklers & ice cream}

just so you know... i love the 4th of july. bbqs. fireworks. games. friends. family..... i love it.

This years 4th was pretty fun. Kurt had to work, so it was just me and the bebes.

OOK, let me back up. Before Kurt went to work we went and had snow cones. Reese had "Barbie" flavor, Everett, well his was something blue, and Kurt and I had the special Red White and Blue.

{We are SO patriotic, it's not even funny}

We then went firework hunting....but Kurt wouldn't be there to launch them and apparently I am a wuss because when it comes to lighting things that can EXPLODE IN YOUR FACE, I refuse to do so.

So we skipped purchasing some...{next year...}

Kurt went to work.

WE had some fun.

For our first little activity to start our celebrations, we made ice cream.  Here are some pix:

sh-sh-sh-shake it shake it shake it..
...like a polaroid picture
 what's not pictured is how we made them bounce on the trampoline {the bags got really cold...} it was fun.

almost done.... 
finished products.. YUM {told you we're patriotic..}

Our Flavors:



Next, we danced, to get over the sugar high:

ok so this isn't dancing.. but he is trying to escape the porch... by climbing over the edge.
what am i going to do with him........

patriotic shorts....

bustin' out her ballerina


aww.. huggies. my favorite.

Next: The Sparklers.. {and the poppers}
*i didn't get a picture of them throwing the poppers, but let's just say, Zeus was not thrilled with them.

This was then followed by about 3 hours of fireworks..

yes you read right..


We finished the night by listening to Billie Holiday and watching the remaining sporadic neighborhood fireworks.

It was magical.

Hope everyone's fourth was FUNtastic.


Kari G said...

cute!! at first i thought you had spelled out Clooney which i was going to be all sorts of good with. then realized it said love you, which i was also all good with :) see you soon!!!

Anonymous said...

The best part of this is the WHOLE THING! I love it!!