November 30, 2011

Reese's Birthday Part 1

Well, our oldest is 4 years old... can you believe it??!! We can't.

4 years old! 
Since our Reesie's birthday fell on Thanksgiving week,  it was difficult for me to put anything together that would involve lots of people. We knew her Nana and Papa were coming up after her birthday, so we're trying to put together a fun party for her, but since the only day available was BLACK FRIDAY, things weren't looking to good for our little Reese.

So this is what we did:
(excellent idea.. I think)

Reese really wanted a CAKE.

She also really wanted PRESENTS.


We all dislike cake (and by all I mean Kurt and I)

With Christmas around the corner, our budget for lots of b-day presents was somewhat dwindled.


A few weeks prior to her birthday we took her to University Mall to see what she would like for Christmas/Birthday. We really have no idea what our kids want.. they don't watch TV whatsoever, so never see commercials or anything like that.

ANYWAY... Kurt took her into Build a Bear. She LOVED it. For weeks she kept reminding us of that one store we took her to  to look at the bears and dresses.

So, for her birthday we took her to Build-a-Bear and let her design/clothe her very own Build-a-Bear. She loved it. The lady helping us was kind of freaking her out, but after she actually got her Bear, "Sassy", and was picking her outfit out, she was at ease and LOVING IT!

After that we went to the Sweet Tooth Fairy and let her pick out her very own 'baby cake' (cupcake). It was FANTASTIC.

She loved picking out and building her present, and loved picking out her own cake.

When we got home we sang to her and ate our respective desserts (Everett and I had some leftover mini cupcakes from her preschool party, and Kurt had an ice cream..)

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Anonymous said...

Love that hat!! By the looks of it, little Reesie had a wonderful day!