December 15, 2011

Tiny Dancer

Over this crazy last weekend, Reese had her first Ballet recital. Her dance ensemble performed "The Little Match Girl". I'm still thoroughly confused on the actual content/plot of this play, but there sure was a lot of dancing. 

So, first here's a video of her dancing at the dress rehearsal. (I have a mom-friend from the dance class and she's going to email me the actual dance from performance night).. 

It's really poor quality, thanks to the crappy camera we had - I forgot my camera and flip... ARG. Anyway, Reese is the fourth from the right (Go to the far right girl and count towards the left, four girls....) and that's her. Now if you compare her dancing skills with her fellow ballerina's there is just no question she is.......AWESOME. 

I'm so proud of her. She really loved it, and was not afraid or shy at all performing in front of a PACKED (and then some...) audience. 

We may have to watch what we say from now on.... because she started telling the story that she was the best dancer in her group and the other girls were not so good....   hmm... we can't let her get cocky...  

But HECK!! Can't argue with the TRUTH!!   ;) 

So here's a video of her doing her dance on her last day of class. It's closer up, better quality, and we don't bore you with the other children.... 

So... yes. Here she is. We are still debating going back next semester. I was really opposed to it, but now that she actually DANCED  in her performance and didn't sit down, stood there...or ran offstage.. I may have her continue with the dance.. 

Hopefully their spring performance is NOT March 23rd.... (due date!)

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