February 16, 2012

Our Valentines...

Hopefully by now all the Valentines have been delivered (Grammies & Grampa..Nana & Papa).. so I wont be spoiling our cute little surprises.

I decided to get real creative this year (thanks to Pinterest)...

Here are the ones Reesie passed out in school AND sent to her cousins:

all three :) 

Handmade {by reese} Heart Necklaces for the girls. She hand picked each and everyone of your colors and chose what heart to give you :)
 (I may have helped with the hearts a little)

Pencils for the boys..

Lollipops for Daddy's work. {Even INO people need a little love}

all three :) again.

And here is our "EXCLUSIVE" Valentine.. only for those special people who like to spoil them rotten:

up next... our picture "BLOOPERS" :)


Anonymous said...

Everyone ADORED the sweet Valentines. Reesie did an awesome job with the heart necklaces and pencils. ...and we are so honored to have the "exclusive" photos to boot! I sure love you all!

Megan said...

the valentines were definitely a hit at preschool. I just adore that sweet Reesie and Maggie and I put those necklaces on right away!

jacquey said...

I~m sitting in front of my computer3/4 blind, having been to the retinal specialist this morning and receiving so many drops I can barely function. Found out I have to resume injections for the bleeding. BUT that did not keep me from seeing what`s new on Griffith`s G
arden---fabulous things as usual. I`m hoping to see you all real soon. Love you