March 19, 2012

The Final Countdown......

(Are you singing the song now?... you're at least singing it your head.)

Days away from my due date, I have had a lot of time to think about the new baby.  I've gotten a lot of questions (a lot of the same questions), so I thought it would be good to answer as many as I can in this post :)

This last leg of pregnancy has been so different from E's & R's.

With the first two, the last week of pregnancy was the worst with dreams/nightmares. I dreamt I'd lose the baby, or they'd go missing, I dreamt that they both had died, I dreamt that the nurses lost my baby, that I wasn't really pregnant, all sorts of scary situations.

With this one, I haven't really dreamt at all. Just sporadic light naps through the night. I'm not exactly sure what that means.  I hope it's good.  Although, my darling husband has had increased nightmares/dreams during this time.... (he talks in his sleep almost nightly now).

Two cravings have been full fledged. I LOVE ORANGE JUICE. I just can't seem to be getting enough of that stuff. I try to be good and save some for the rest of the family, but I just find myself chugging it,
late at night,
in the dark,
straight out of the carton.
I just can't help myself.
And  ICE WATER with LEMON SLICES. Oh dear, We have some of those XXXL cups from the gas stations (40+ ounces) and I finish those bad boys off every night.

Other than those, my cravings have somewhat subsided. For the past several weeks, I have almost completely lost my appetite, something completely different from the other two pregnancies.

I did get over my cannoli craving. I found a bakery in SLC that has fresh cannoli and this flour-less chocolate cake with raspberries... oh my goodness that was SOOOo good. So after my fill of cannoli, and chocolate cake, I was over that craving. That's how it has pretty much been this whole time. I will get a craving, then once I'm actually eating it, I get sick of it, and the craving is over.

As for the PGP, it has still kept me immobilized for the most part. I have taken it a little easier, and it seems to be helping with the pain. AND if ANYONE says that they have 'gotten over it' or 'it doesn't hurt anymore'... never had PGP. BELIEVE ME. You don't 'get over' this. I've heard from my doctors that the only cure is delivery. (hooray).  So I am looking forward to that. Although, I have heard that women with PGP during pregnancy can be 'wobbly' immediately postpartum.

One day I did do a lot of cleaning/reorganizing and I was paying for it the next three days. ugh.
Not fun, and I still have so much cleaning to do this week.

Physically, I feel like I'm carrying smaller and lower than the last two as well. I remember with Reese she was so high up that I felt like I was constantly wearing a push-up bra, and that she was playing footsie with my ribs. Everett was a little more forgiving. In fact, I think Everett's was the easiest pregnancy.

I also have started snoring. Kurt claims that I've snored since we've been married, but I swear he's just listening to himself. I know NOW that I've started to snore because I've actually woken myself up. It's the weirdest funniest thing I have experienced. I must take after my dad in that respect, I loved watching my dad wake himself up by snoring too loud...and then running out of the room, cracking up. 

Karma is so not funny. 

So what's the 'plan'? ...

Well, Thursday will be my last doctors appointment.

With Everett and Reese, I had my last doctors appointment on my due date. The first time (Nov 21), the doctor suggested that I get 'stripped' and that might help me with getting our little munchkin along. And it worked! I went into labor that night, and delivered the next morning.
The second time, I went into the doctor's on my due date (May 27th) asked to be stripped, and I went into labor super early the next morning.

So this time I'll go in on the 22nd, asked to be stripped, and hopefully I will deliver on the 23rd. And we will see when this little one would like to make his appearance.

 Nothing too dramatic, hopefully.

(knock on wood)

and hopefully we will be there in time for a "Happy-dural" (as my doctors put it... I totally giggled and had him repeat it like three times before I realized what the heck he was talking about)

I feel like I have proven my womanhood by going naturally with Everett.  I don't think I can actually choose to do THAT AGAIN. But, if I'm too late, then I'm too late.

But we wont be late.

(Kudos to my mother, by the way,  I'm pretty sure she had all three of us naturally - WHAT-A-WOMAN)

I am really excited to see what this little one will look like. I have a Brunette/Brown & a Blonde/Blue... any guesses? My cousins (on my mom's side) have a brunette, a red-head/ginger (pick your preference),  and a blonde. We have SOOOO much blonde in both of our families (at least when they are born) that I have a feeling that he will be a little blondie, just like all his uncles and grandpa's were.

But a mama can hope for a handsome baby boy with dark hair like hers, right?!

I think that all my education of 'dominant genes' is a bunch of hooey... whoever said that brown was dominant was obviously trying to suck up to somebody.

Reese is really excited. Everett is not sure what's going on, but he occasionally kisses and hugs my belly and says, "baby".

Although, Everett has turned into a HUGE mama's boy these past couple of weeks. I think he knows that his position of 'baby boy' is about to be replaced. He comes over from his little bed in the middle of the night to cuddle me. He makes sure that he has my cheeks in his hands, or on his face, and smothers me until he falls back asleep. He also positions himself to be the 'small spoon'. That boy is such a cuddler! I'm not sure what will happen when he finds his younger brother in his spot....

I guess daddy has to get his cuddle on.

As for names, I think we may have one or two picked out. But we never really know until our baby is actually here with us. For some reason, It makes me feel weird to pick and name a belly (in essence).  I want to see my baby and name him. I don't know. But we do name him within minutes, no 'babe with no name' here.

The baby is healthy, according to the doctors, I'm still measuring at exactly the right week, at the last three appointments I've been:
1 & 70
2 & 70
3 & 80
... you have to be a mom for THAT to make sense...

(I was actually admitted with Reese when I was a 3.....)

As of today, I've had no painful contractions, some strong braxton hicks, but nothing too serious.

hmm.. I think that's it for the updates...

Have you guys all seen the preview for the movie "What to Expect When You're Expecting"?  Kurt and I went to go see "This Means War"(which, by the way, was SO FUNNY. It was so much better than expected)... anyway, the preview for "What to Expect.." came on. Now, that looks like a funny movie. Kurt and I were cracking up through the preview...

What got the biggest laugh from Kurt? ... When the woman (Elizabeth Banks) looks at her husband, apologizes, and says "Gare-Bare, I'm sorry, all I want to do is punch you in the face".. then her husband gives her a thumbs up.

I guess I should be embarrassed that is what got the biggest laugh out of MY husband... but all my inhibitions go out the window the minute those pregnancy hormones kick in (around 16 weeks).

Anyway, check it out. I will most definitely go see this one.

I think it's pretty funny when they guy spits out the apple juice from the bottle... I've done that so many times... I just never learn.

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