April 8, 2012

Easter Morning

Reese and Everett in their 2012 Easter fashion.
...and baby Devin in his :) (thanks Nana)

So we all got ready and went to church. Well, I kind of went to church. I made it to half of Sacrament meeting, and to be completely honest, really wanted just to go back home. Plus the baby was wanting to sleep and there were way too many noises going around. So we headed back home.

While we were at Church, however, the Easter bunny hid all of our eggs and goodies.

I told Reese to go to the fridge and get our Easter Eggs out so we could hide them. So she did, and when Kurt and Reese opened up the egg cartons, all the eggs were GONE! So we decided to investigate the backyard to see if the Easter bunny played tricks on us and hid our eggs.

And it did!

She was going on and on about how she couldn't believe the Easter bunny snuck into OUR HOUSE and stole our eggs, and then hid them in the backyard. It was pretty amazing to her.

So here's our pictures from this morning.

The kids just got back from Church .. and I'm not sure why Reese is grumpy..  again.

That last picture of Everett is his "Buzz Lightyear action shot" {he's shooting his laser}

This is Everett's "Brother Griffiths" look and handshake.

The Easter bunny left their buckets on the trampoline!

Can you spot the egg?

Reese, of course, talking to herself and everyone else about the easter bunny and eggs, and who knows what else.

"in the CAR?!"

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