June 12, 2012

My {Award Winning} Tulip Photo

EEEeeeeeEEEeeK!!! I'm totally stoked about winning that Tulip Festival Photo Contest. I always get so nervous about entering photos, because one, I am honestly personally attached to most all pictures I take, and two,  I don't do very well in a judging competition... (Sports are fantastic.. at least you can be active)

So, my first ever entered, and won, photo contest that was based purely off of photographic elements. (And that it was a tulip..)

The Winning Photo
What did I win?

Well... glad you asked. I won a Thanksgiving Point family membership, which will be great for the family. Kurt seemed somewhat unimpressed that the pass was the grand prize. He figures it really doesn't cost them anything to give it to you... blah blah blah.  Who cares.. I'm stoked. AND they said that it will be published in their Gazette.. and that it will be put up in their Garden Center!! YAY! We'll have to check out the latter.... but I'm pretty excited.

Certificate! {Hooray!}

Reesie Pie wanted to hold it.
Thank you to everyone who voted. I can't even express how much that means to me!


ELA said...

Congrats Alex! I totally voted for you!

Cathy said...

Congrats!!! I voted and prejudice aside, I would have voted for your beautiful pic, it truly was the best!

Jen R. said...

Yay! I. Voted