September 16, 2013

First Day of School! First Day of School!

Finding Nemo... "FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!"

It was tough, but we got some pictures of our little grumpy cat Reesie on her first morning before school. She picked everything out herself, including her first day of school outfit. She was not excited in the morning but LOVED it when we picked her up!
The literal meltdown


someone farted.... daddy

...and she's happy


Daddy walking her to class

Had to leave her at the door...  She was so excited! 


Jen R. said...

I love that you have the meltdown on camera. I wanted Adelyn to cry to bad. Love these girls so much.

Jana said...

First of all, she's darling! What a cute little kindergartener :).

And secondly, I'm slightly covetous of her sparkly backpack. Maybe more than slightly...