June 21, 2015


I know that I have so much to catch up on since the last post, so I will be slowly working backwards through the past events in our little lives...

My parents and I just got back from my cousin Eric's wedding. Everything from the ceremony to the reception was done beautifully - It  was wonderful to be a part of it. The most wonderful aspect about it is that after 10 years I was able to see my cousins again. I was fighting back my emotions when we all met at the dinner the night before the wedding and I couldn't believe how much we have all grown up. I think I was gushing a little saying constantly how wonderful it was to see everyone.

The wedding was held in Dallas, a very VERY humid and hot place. Thankfully the Dallasonians, Dallasites, Dallasians.... are very much aware of that fact so the a/c was blasting in every single building we went into (thank goodness). We had just a little bit of time to do a little sightseeing, so we went to the Texas School Book Depository (duh! How can I pass up scratching my conspiracy theory itch, especially with my dad there to fuel the fire?), shopped a little downtown, tried to find a health food store....anyway, why write when I can show pictures? Here they are:

*cue Bridesmaids jokes

Little did I know the adventure I was about to go on. Remember the name "Yaya"... that will be the next post.

Yeah.. so there was this giant eyeball outside our restaurant.... I've got a Visine for that...


You can't visit Texas and NOT visit a western store.. and then die of shock of how much cowboy boots really are.

Texas School Book Depository, The Sixth Floor Museum, Jackie O and JFK portraits

Some interesting architecture I found wandering the streets...
on point? on fleek? what are the kids saying these days? ...anyway, this was my outfit. I haven't figured out the whole body selfie yet...

Sue? Allison? Alex? Malerie?

The beautiful couple - Eric and Lauren Kazmaier (Nasher Sculpture Museum)

...my cousin Dustin and I are still convinced the Organist was not only controlling the weather, but playing selections from the Legend of Zelda Soundtrack..... right?

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