February 19, 2008

The Cold

I can't believe that Reese's first cold would come so early, but here it is! I had a feeling it would come. Having all Kurt's family here from Utah, and having every single one of their kids coughing and sneezing over EVERYTHING, it was inevitable.
Speaking of the wedding, it was a long day! The temple was beautiful, of course, and so was little Reese. She had an adorable little dress on and hopefully I can get some pictures up soon. The Groom's lunch was great, and so was the reception. Aparently we had to be there ridiculously early to do some entrance thing- but no one told Kurt or I, and so we were all cuddling at home and taking our time to get to the reception. So I guess we were late! What can you do? My family is just too cuddly!!
Valentine's Day started with flowers and promises and ended in a really early bedtime and some yogurt for dinner. Not the best- but it's an improvement from last year (at least I didn't have to buy dinner this time). But the baby, as always, was just ADORABLE- by far the best valentine ever!
Well, its another late night, this time I'm awake to keep an eye on my little one's breathing. She has such a runny nose! Kurt should be home soon so I can get a little rest! good night!


Anonymous said...

You all were quite the handsome family at the reception!
Baby Reese is such a little "cupcake" Valentine! hehe
Can't wait for Easter...wink, wink!
-M Grammy

Jen R. said...

Adelyn got a cold then too! She was coughing and sneezing and runny nose for like a week after we got home, it was so sad. I had to keep sucking her nose out and she hated it. Luckily it wasn't worse for either of them.