March 11, 2010

Required For Motherhood

As you leave the hospital after your baby is born, the nurse hands you the diaper bag filled with your basics and you think, "wow, this is great.. diapers, cream, formula, beanie, and with the things from the baby shower, I'm set!"


I am hereby petitioning that EVERY hospital bag is required to include one of these:

Or at least a coupon for a free one when you're child turns ONE. 

Today I have been peed on, side-swiped by a green rubber ball, yelled at, screamed at (at a decibel level i never knew existed) , thrown a cookie to my eye, and hair pulled amongst other things..... I have a TWO year old and an almost ONE year old... I love them to pieces.. but today is just not our day. 

Hopefully tomorrow they will back to being little angels and I will forget ALL about today.....


it's a good thing they are cute ;)

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