May 17, 2010


For anyone who uses a very convenient online paying system called "Paypal"- I highly suggest you read this:

I was selling something on KSL. It was expensive and when I got someone interested I was really excited. He said that he'd like to use Paypal because he needed to use a credit card.

I didn't really think twice because I have used Paypal before and it has always turned out excellent for me. Paypal is really  great in detecting fraud and if the person buying is a fraud, they usually detect it and let you know.

I told him the final amount, and he agreed, and said that he will pay on the next day.


So the next day I get an email from "Paypal". Now, this wasn't some dumb e-mail with misspelled words and crappy headers.


THIS email had Paypal's header, Paypal's disclosure notice on the bottom, all links went to Paypal's website. It was in the format of the Paypal's emails. The email address even read ""

... which IS the email Paypal uses.

It said that I had received a payment of the amount discussed and that in order to secure the transaction I needed to provide a tracking number to make sure that I am not scamming money from the buyer.. (very smart and very tricky).

So I obliged. However....

my Paypal account said that my money request was still pending...... Not NORMAL and my Paypal balance was at $0.00.

I figured that since I hadn't sent the package off this was the case.

So I look around Paypal's website to see their policies.

I didn't find anything.. and I started to get a little suspicious..

*NOTE: I am ALWAYS suspicious of online paying.. even if I am paying for something from or some  other distinguished website.

So I let a day pass....

This morning I received an EMAIL saying that the money is pending and that I need to provide the necessary information for the transaction to be complete. ONCE AGAIN- this email WAS from "", it  had the EXACT FORMAT of a real paypal email, ALL LINKS worked, so I decided I better send this thing off if I want to get paid.

*NOTE: not one email asked for any personal information... not even my paypal account information. nothing.

Now, companies change policy ALL THE TIME. I used to have an EBAY account and they switched things up so many times I decided to delete m EBAY account. So having a change in policy.. OR having the website not be up to date (my BANK rarely gets things in a timely manner...).. is not out of the ordinary. (and i guess they know that...)

I went to the post office early this morning.

NO JOKE: as soon as I left the counter on the post office I heard a voice TELL ME: "THIS IS NOT RIGHT".

I drove home and kept looking around at the Paypal website, Facebook- for the person's page (i found it and it seemed very legit.. family pictures, friends, relations, school... 300+ friends.. and  yes, i guess it could all be fake).. I sent the tracking number to "Paypal".. and didn't see any change in my Paypal account..

once again, a little stronger.

So I called Paypal right after that... and sure enough.. it was fraudulent. The Paypal girl was SO empathetic, she said that these new Paypal scammers do have all the Paypal format and emails. However, they don't change policy like that. .... "DUH.. I THOUGHT... OF COURSE"

I hung up the phone with Paypal and IMMEDIATELY called the Post Office. I told the lady what was going on, and she found the package and told me it was there ready for me to pick up.

I then sent an EMAIL to the IDIOT containing TWO very CHOICE words. Forwarded all the EMAILS to the FRAUD department at Paypal. Deleted all the emails, and went to the post office.

So now my little camcorder is safe at home.... +

Well, I am really P.O.'d, first because I didn't sell my item, and second because I now have to double check Paypal for goodness sake!!!!! The lady said that the best way is to call if you are even a little suspicious. GREAT.. now I am going to be calling constantly. She says that there ARE ways in detecting the fraudulent emails.. it has to do with ONE link on the page to send an email to Paypal... but with anyone with normal computer knowledge wouldn't be able to detect it. You'd have to learn HTML and check your link status and the bottom of your screen... some elaborate  thing.. but I understood afterwards.. here's a picture of my screen and where you need to look for a legitimate website..... and I told her that I did check that and it did say but after that it said other stuff.. and THAT is the HTML language you need to check.. the 'other stuff'........what normal person knows what that means???

GEEZ WHAT A DAY!!! i feel dumb, and I am NOT very easy to fool. BUT IT MY DEFENSE.. they were pretty good in the little details.  .... AND listen to that little voice.

*I  debating whether or not I am going to send him a message on FB to say that either you are the idiot that is trying to scam people and you can go 'you-know-where' OR someone is using your name to scam people- so be warned


Anonymous said...

your "little voice" was right on! can't trust ANYONE these days!...except your mom..

Anonymous said...

So good to know! I am trying to sell a bunch of Harley Davidson stuff online right now that I won on The Price is Right..selling stuff online always scares me!

Jen R. said...

ugh. I'm so glad you got it back. Craigslist, cash only!

Alex Griffiths said...

i miss craiglist! no one uses it here!! it's all KSL. It really is too bad b/c Paypal can help out a lot.