June 12, 2010

Gripe Session

In this great 'Economic Crisis' with millions out of work, I would think that the people who HAVE jobs would show a little more appreciation and gratitude.

Since joining 'Club Veg' for Souplantation or 'Sweet Tomatoes' a few months ago, we get a weekly coupon for a 2-for-1. So we go quite often. For the THIRD TIME IN A ROW (told you we go a lot), the lady who is in charge of doing the breads... you know, the sourdough, wheat, focaccia (sp?), pizza.. anyway, she has just STOOD THERE talking (and snacking) to her fellow friend- the soup lady- and TOTALLY IGNORING THE FACT THAT ALL THE PLATES ARE EMPTY AND THERE ARE ABOUT 20 PEOPLE STANDING AROUND WAITING FOR YOU!!!!

You might be thinking..." well, maybe she's cooking the breads.. or letting them cool..."

WELL, NO. I saw them out of the oven sitting on the counter when I got up to get my soup. They were still sitting when I got Everett his jello... and now that I would like some bread I still have to stand there being given the stink eye having to listen to a conversation about your weekend.

I am SO SORRY but that kind of stuff DRIVES ME CRAZY.

There are so many people who would love to get ANY job.. INCLUDING YOURS.. don't stand there and act like you don't care.

Ok ok, so you might think I'm overreacting a little bit.


This lady had such a STINK EYE (see above picture for definition of 'stink eye'), I probably would have fired her on the spot if I was the manager. She was literally standing in one spot, back to everyone (until she turned around for the 'stink eye show'), snacking on leftover bread, having a conversation with the soup lady, whose station was a complete mess, about how she's so tired of this job.

I just really feel, that now, more than ever, people should be very grateful for their jobs. It makes me so furious that some people are struggling to find jobs to provide for their families, and the people occupying these jobs are complaining. And what is so sad also, is that I have encountered this ungrateful apathetic attitude almost EVERYWHERE I GO. I am simply AMAZED!!
this is how i picture a bad employee.. i have no idea why.

And I do understand that everyone has a bad day. Work can suck. But do you have to show it and make it so obvious to everyone else? NO.

.............. on that note, i would just like my warm sourdough, darn it.


Anonymous said...

It bothers me sooo bad when ppl have no clue what customer service means!! I worked at Ruby's in C'bad for a loooong time and I'm so glad I did because being nice & accommodating was the #1 thing you had to do! I wish more restaurants & companies in general would make that a priority.

Anonymous said...

you need to start speaking up and asking for help...but in a really nice way. ;)
I've got to give INO and Nordies credit for usually excellent customer service!