June 16, 2010

Our Salty Day

On Kurt's day off we decided to have a "Salt Lake Day". It was a beautiful day and both the babies seem to be in a great mood.
First we decided to go to the Church History Museum and visit the "I am a Child of God" exhibit. Reese and Everett both LOVED it. Reese colored some 'stained glass' windows, crayon rubbed some CTRs, walked on the 'straight and narrow' and Bobo just ran around like a cute little baby. 

Then we went to Temple Square and attempted some quick family pics, ate a little lunch at the Lion House Pantry, and enjoyed the sunshine. 

After lunch and some pics we went on a little drive through the Avenues and to Sugarhouse Park.. It is  such a beautiful park! A little stream, a couple of jungle gyms, and LOTS OF GRASS. It was fantastic.

Well, here are the pics: 



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Melinda and Jeff Dalebout said...

Cute pictures, we went to the museum to and loved the exhibit. Looks like you guys had fun.