January 6, 2012

Baby Naming Contest!!

As you can probably surmise, we are having a really difficult time choosing a name for this next little guy.

When I was talking about this with my church friends, Haley and Kirston, they suggested that I hold a baby naming contest... 
really, it was such a fantastic idea...


To start off, our grand prize winner will receive a FREE PHOTO SESSION (family, maternity, newborn) from...
YAY! (salt lake/utah counties and north county (san diego))

Redeemable whenever & never expires!
 (if you do win, and don't want to/can't use it you can gift your session to another family)

So here are the 'rules':

1. This contest is open to EVERYBODY, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, random people....

2. To make your comment entry valid, you must "LIKE" Alex Griffiths Photography on Facebook. 

3. After you have "liked" the page, leave a comment with two important details:
* your fabulous name for our little boy
*your email address (so I can inform you of your winnings!)

4. You can enter as many times as you would like.  

Helpful Hints:

It's a BOY.

Our last name is Griffiths.

His siblings names are Reese Michele and Everett Leon.

We do not like funky spellings or random noun names (like "Tangerine")

We will not name him Kurt Leon Griffiths Jr. or II, so don't write that down.

Due March 23rd. You have until then :) 


melmil87 said...

Carter Hudson Griffiths :)

Anonymous said...

TAKE 2! Here we go- ezra alexander griffiths, jaden curtis, paxton...I'm just gonna list first names, its the hard one! Paxton, jax, merik, cove, jude, grayer (sounds crazy but I know a little man on the way with the name!), westin...ill continue to post and think! :)

The Draper Family said...

Travis says, Harley, or Cash. I
will keep thinking

Anonymous said...

Korver (this is what my hubby wants to name our future boy), Maddox, Madden, Zane...hmmm boys are hard!

Megan said...

I think the middle name should be Kurt or your maiden name (i don't know what it is)

Here are my first name choices:

Claudia said...

OLIVER!!! Oliver Dean? It sounds so good with Reese and Everett and it has the same feel. Plus "Oliver Griffiths" sounds like a famous actor from the 50s! ;) I'll keep thinking! Give us a progress report if you've narrowed it down.

The Draper Family said...

So I Like PORT, likle I have told you and also MACK. I will keep thinking............

chauntel.and.mike said...

What a challenge Alex! You've created two names that are this amazing mix of classy, uncommon, gender-specific, and still easily recognizable... Now you have to do the same thing for number three! Good luck finding the perfect name for your little guy!

Clark Jacob Griffiths
Price Evan Griffiths
Wyatt Lorenzo Griffiths
Wade/Cade Donovan Griffiths
Darian/Darren Kurt Griffiths

Anonymous said...

Great Grandma suggests: Sparky, Poochie, Pashie, etc.
Dad suggests: Joe, Joey, Joseph, Joe-joe, or Jose
Dakota suggests: Bond, Boba Fett, little Chewie or Teak
Orion suggests: Ozzy or the name of any WWE star
I recommend: Jedidiah, Troy, Alexander, Groban or Buble.