March 27, 2014

My Dearest Sunflower,

This was an assignment for my writing class I am currently taking. They asked us to write a love letter to an object, not a person. I wrote to both. I think this is one of the best things I have written, and it was dedicated to my Devin. This is my letter: 

My Dearest Sunflower,
I greatly anticipate seeing your golden petals once again. The agony of waiting for your bud to blossom is nearly unbearable. I lay awake at night imagining what perfect shade of yellow your petals may posses. Will they be a bright cornflower yellow, or maybe a subtle canary hue? Or maybe you will surprise me with a dazzling tangerine complexion? Either way, I know that you will never disappoint me.
            I know that once you are here with me, your luminescent bloom will fill my wintered home with a happy reminder of our carefree summer days. I especially love our time we spend together each day before the sun sets. The way the last rays of sunshine hit your flaxen foliage, fills my heart with such warmth and joy. All I can do is stare at you and wonder at your intricate beauty. How did you get so beautiful? How am I so fortunate to be in possession of such golden perfection?
            You really put all other flowers to shame. I may glance at the delicate orchid, or the elegant rose from time to time, but none will ever come close to my radiant sunflower! Your bright petals against your robust brown center and your fibrous forest green stem, is simply incomparable.
            I was only a small child when I first beheld your summery beauty in person. It was a day close to my birthday, a day I will cease to forget. I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and the inviting towering green foliage in our backyard. While I surveyed for the perfect place to repose, my eyes caught a stunning sight. All in a perfect row you were majestically standing, towering over the garden. It almost seemed like you were protecting the newly budded vegetation below. Your petals shone so brilliantly in the high July sun. Never before had I seen such magnificence in a flower. I instantly knew you were my favorite. Of all the flora and fauna, I knew that you alone could bring me feelings of happiness and home.
            Now, as I have grown older, you remind me of my childrens bright faces, the laughter, and the smiles, of our happy times. I was wise in choosing you for me. I may not have the sunshine and warmth of that July day year round, but I have you, my sunflower. My sunshine, that fills my heart with such joy and contentment. Even in my darkest hour, I can gaze upon your pleasant bloom and have your comforting light with me once again. I can always have my sunshine with you. Please, dont ever leave.

With much love and admiration,

Your Mother


Jen R. said...

This was beautiful. Made me cry. I love you and your sunflower(s).

Patty Boles said...

As good as any sonnet of love I have ever read.

Unknown said...


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